custom software development

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Ruby and Ruby on Rails

The company uses Ruby and Ruby on Rails to build some of its software.

Ruby on Rails is free, open source and is now a mature web framework. It is used by thousands of people.

From website to complexe application, Privatt Inc. has used the framework since the beginning.


Elixir and Phoenix

This is the new tools in the toolbox.

Elixir is still young and work really great. It leverages the Erlang VM, which is mature, fast and reliable.

Phoenix is a web framework written in Elixir. The company uses Phoenix to build some of it most recent software.


C# and .NET Core

C# is a mature language. It is stable and many company have achieved success with it.

.NET Core is cross platform and can be used to develop a variety of software.

The company uses .NET Core to build some of it most recent software.